Some more news

I’ve recently sent a bunch of updates about submissions, unfortunately a number of those were rejections. I’m sorry. I will be continuing to work through the first reader responses (and the stories they have passed on) and get notifications out to everybody. I normally get some time to sit down process stuff on weekends.

If anybody knows much about the Mantis bug tracking system, i’d like to make it visible to everybody so people can see where their submissions are but i’m not sure how to set up the permissions yet.

I have received a number of submissions over the last week. I haven’t done anything with them yet, which is why you wouldn’t have recevied a confirmation email. These aren’t lost, I will get to them in the next 48 hours.

Also, if you were interested in doing book reviews for the magazine we are looking for more reviewers.

More news

Why is there never enough time for everything? We are working on submissions, I will be getting back to people soon. I know I keep saying that, but we really are making progress. There are various plans afoot, including a new comic that we have a number of people working with Cat Leonard on makingContinue Reading

Where to next?

So, Issue #5 is out and plans are moving forward on Issue #6. I hope people are still enjoying the magazine. If you do like it please write a review on Amazon and let your friends know. Submissions are also proceeding and I have a pile of first reader comments to go through and sendContinue Reading

Sci Phi Journal #5 is out!

As some people have already discovered Issue #5 of Sci Phi is now available for Kindle and Paper from Amazon and in EPUB and MOBI from Castalia House (Soon). This month we have, Fiction The Keresztury TVirs by Ivan Popov, his first English language publication and telling the story of a dark future when technologyContinue Reading

A quick note on recent submissions

Just thought i’d make a quick note. There have been a number of submissions recently that I haven’t done anything with yet. I will be getting back and acknowledging receipt shortly, I am going to be putting them into the new system we have setup for first readers and I haven’t had time to doContinue Reading

Issue #5, submissions and other news

Issue #5 is just about ready to ship, I am putting the final touches on it at the moment, so look forward to that shortly. The submission pile is being worked on. The first readers have gone through a bunch, there are yeas and nays in the pile. I will be sending update emails duringContinue Reading