Some news and a joke

I’m still working through the submissions, i’m about a month behind at this point and will strive to keep catching up. Also, after a review of financials, the magazine will be going to an issue every 2 months for the next 3 issues. So if I said your story will be in #5 or #6Continue Reading

Another nice review

Sci Phi got a very nice review from Craig Bernthal over at The best part is that Craig is a philosopher and if all goes well you can expect to see him in a future issue. The shelves of drugstores and news stands used to be crowded with “pulp” science fiction magazines: Fantastic Stories,Continue Reading

How Sci Phi is going

I thought I would take stock of how Sci Phi Journal is going now that the first three issues are out. I’ve got a lot of good feedback and people who read seem to be enjoying it. Thanks to those who left reviews on Amazon and thanks to everybody who helped to promote the magazine,Continue Reading