Submission Pile is being processed and a nice review!

I have started working through the submission pile, currently about half way through January. Sorry, things have been a little slow, I was sick for a week and didn’t catch the train to work where I most of the submission reading. I have been making a yea/nea pile and will send out replies in the next few days.

Also, Edward M. Lerner Lerner, author and future Sci Phi contributor (Issue #6) has written a nice review of Issue #4 of Sci Phi. Many thanks to him for that. Check it out

A Sci Phi Trailer and news!

Lee Melling (stay tuned for his writing!) has done a wonderful video of all of the ArtWork featured in Sci Phi so far by Cat Leonard. Also, if you would like some of that Sci Phi artwork for yourself you can get it from Red Bubble. They even do doona covers! Once there are aContinue Reading

Sci Phi Journal #4, March 2015 Available Now!

Issue #4 is now available. Get it from , Castalia House (EPUB/MOBI) and Createspace (Paper). Get yours now! Fiction “The Writing Coach by David Feela, a tale of Nietzsche and writers block “An Iron Shell of Ritual” by Jeff Racho, who asks what happens when you try to convert a robot? “Icarus Falls” by AlexContinue Reading

Issue #4, Book Bombs and News

Issue #4 will be out tomorrow just in time for the weekend. I am really looking forward to this. Nothing from Sci Phi made it onto the Hugo ballot, maybe next year! Larry Correia has book bombed Issue #2 for the Sad Puppies story “On a Spiritual Plain” by Lou Antonelli. I am behind onContinue Reading