Issue 8 and other news

Issue #8 is coming together, I can tease the cover and the table of contents. I also have some other news, I have a new product idea that I am going to try called a Sci Phi Single. Expect more information shortly. It will be a 99c topical short story available through Amazon. This feature will be free to subscribers and you can still Subscribe.

Issue #8_800pix


  • I clink therefore I am by Edward M. Lerner
  • The Trade‚Äôs On by J’nae Rae Spano
  • Be Careful When You Wish For by Lee Melling


  • Walk by Gunnar De Winter
  • They Shall Be As Gods by John Rovito
  • The Pondering Pacifist by John Kaniecki
  • reBirth by Katharine Gripp
  • Articles

    • Requiem for a Harlequin by Michael S. Spence
    • Riding a White Horse by Patrick S. Baker
    • The Problem with the Problem of Susan by Anthony Marchetta


    • The Temptation of Samuel Vimes by Scott Huggins


    • Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky
    • Where Roads Dont Go by Mike Flynn

More news and gorgeous art to share!

Things continue to come together and I should have the final lineup for Issue #8 soon, and will release that when I have it. Also, if you have enjoyed any issues of Sci Phi please write a review and rate the magazine over at Amazon. We got a good review in Tangent Online for InContinue Reading

More news

Things are starting to proceed for Issue #8 and I am making good headway on the final read pile. Thank you everybody for your patience with out treacle slow submission process. I will be working on some more this week and I will be getting emails out to people with final answers as I haveContinue Reading

Issue #7 is available now!

This issue marks the 1 year anniversary of Sci Phi Journal and we are back again with more great stories and articles. Flash Fiction The God Machine by Kat Hunter, a short tale of the perils of technology. Stories Ghostwritten by Sean Ead’s, wonders about the source of the muses? Sean takes us on aContinue Reading