Issue #8 is off and running and other news

So Issues #7 is out the door, and Issue #8 has started production. I am even finally on top of my “to read” pile and it has shurnk from 20+ to 6 as of this morning. I will be sending emails on Saturday morning to people. I also have about 30 submissions sitting in my “to process” pile, sorry for the delay in responding to them, that will be done Saturday morning as well. I also have more first readers so we should be getting through the submissions soon.

For someone who has submitted a story, (first in! I am looking for someone to give me a quick hand with the submission system so people can track the status themselves. Maybe we will even work towards automatically letting people submit. So, could someone waiting on an answer please shoot me an email if you are happy to be the guinea pig. It shouldn’t effect anything and shouldn’t take long but it will help make submissions more transparent and easier to track.

Finally, had another story withdrawn because someone didn’t want to be involved with Vox Day and Castalia House. Neither have anything to do with the publication apart from reselling it through the Castalia House Store. It’s fine, if people want to be short sighted they can be, but it is just weird and I don’t get it.

Issue #7 is available now!

This issue marks the 1 year anniversary of Sci Phi Journal and we are back again with more great stories and articles. Flash Fiction The God Machine by Kat Hunter, a short tale of the perils of technology. Stories Ghostwritten by Sean Ead’s, wonders about the source of the muses? Sean takes us on aContinue Reading

Issue #7 and other news

More news, as everything comes together for Issue #7. I have been asked several times for a subscription option and I can announce that it is coming together. The current plan for subscription is to use Patreon and pay on a “per publication” basis for the magazine. The price would be $2.99 for ebook copiesContinue Reading

Aristotle, Atheism and God

Can you be good without God? This is one of those perennial questions that comes up in discussions between theists and atheists and never seems to go get anywhere. This essay was inspired by a discussion along those lines over at John C. Wrights blog and I thought I would set out an idea thatContinue Reading

Sci Phi’s Editorial Policy

I had an interesting email from someone submitting a story, it concerned my stance on the recent Hugo controversy and questions about my politics. It seemed worth writing a few things to clarify. First up, I am unabashedly in the “sad puppies” camp. I’m also probably many of the stereotypes of that camp as well,Continue Reading