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Life of Orpheus by Carl Grafe

October 31, 2016 0

LIFE OF ORPHEUS Carl Grafe Orpheus. They call me Orpheus. The asteroid had felt the weight of the shuttle displacing its particles, the slight increase in mass subtly changing its gravity. It had felt the … [continue reading]

Anacyclosis by Brian Niemeier

October 7, 2016 0

ANACYCLOSIS Brian Niemeier Kob Agur strained to see behind the red circle that gamboled upon his screen’s starry backdrop, but distance obscured his target. He eased his magnaframe forward with the left control stick and … [continue reading]

Asha by David E. Seaman

October 3, 2016 0

ASHA David E. Seaman The ambulance came to a stop at the small town Midwestern ED doors. A doctor waited for Zach to be removed from the vehicle. So did others: people in suits, men … [continue reading]

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