Some more progress

Some more progress

So things are coming along nicely, although I need to get the website organized.

Still, I think I’ve got the set of stories and articles for issue #1, so if I am a little slow in reviewing submissions it is because i’m busily putting the issue itself together.

I should be right to get it out in early October. I’m excited.

Things are coming along

So things continue to come along. I’ve got 4 of the first 5 stories, waiting on one more and the first article with a bunch more in the pipe line. I’ve also received some stories that will be good for issue 2. Provided I can sell around 800 issues for #1 I should be inContinue Reading

A few more updates

So, things are coming together even if the website is still butt ugly. I have a line on two stories that I really love, one involving robots and the other involving black holes. Also, John C. Wright has submitted an original short story.

Coming along

I have a collections of submissions to review (already decided to buy one) and things are coming along. Expect issue #1 out in late September if all continues to go well. The plan is to sell it on Kindle for $3.99 and as many other platforms as I can manage for around the same price.

Relauching soon

So Sci Phi Journal will be back soon. I’m working on it all at the moment. If you’d like to submit here are the basic guidelines. Email: Website: Contact: Jason Rennie Quaterly Magazine for general audience, byline given, Pays on acceptance. Accepts queries and submissions by email. Guidelines available online. Pays 5c/word forContinue Reading