Atopia Chronicles by Matthew Mather

I’m currently reading Atopia Chronicles by Matt Mather and i’d recommend it to anybody that likes Sci Phi. It is a collection of different stories that are all tied together that take place in a world of unlimited virtual realms and a cyber paradise called Atopia. The kids that grow up there enmeshed into thisContinue Reading

More News, Issue #2, Thank you and Forums!

Thanks everybody for the support. Issue #1 is still selling, if you can review it or know someone that could do a review please contact Still shy of the break even amount but moving in the right direction. Issue #2 is coming along, payments are starting to go out, and the issue will beContinue Reading

Forums will be here soon

So the forum plugin BBPress is installed (it came recommended) and I plan to set up threads for the different stories and articles. Anybody got ideas what they would like to see. Expect them tomorrow.

How to write Sci Phi!

It seems soon to be Sci Phi contributor Ben Zwycky has some god advice on how to write long Sci Phi oriented stories. Look forward to Ben putting his talent into action in the upcoming Sci Phi journal Serial, Beyond the Mist.