Quick update

So issue #1 should be out shortly. Just putting the final touches on it. Issue #2 is full for stories for now but i’m still looking for articles. Issue #3 is wide open at this point. And that will be the limit of my funding. So if you would like to see issues past #3Continue Reading

Some more progress

Some more progress

So things are coming along nicely, although I need to get the website organized. Still, I think I’ve got the set of stories and articles for issue #1, so if I am a little slow in reviewing submissions it is because i’m busily putting the issue itself together. I should be right to get itContinue Reading

Things are coming along

So things continue to come along. I’ve got 4 of the first 5 stories, waiting on one more and the first article with a bunch more in the pipe line. I’ve also received some stories that will be good for issue 2. Provided I can sell around 800 issues for #1 I should be inContinue Reading

A few more updates

So, things are coming together even if the website is still butt ugly. I have a line on two stories that I really love, one involving robots and the other involving black holes. Also, John C. Wright has submitted an original short story.

Coming along

I have a collections of submissions to review (already decided to buy one) and things are coming along. Expect issue #1 out in late September if all continues to go well. The plan is to sell it on Kindle for $3.99 and as many other platforms as I can manage for around the same price.