Quick Poll on Forums

So, given how much of a pain the forum software is turning out to be and the amount of time I have to look at, does anybody else think something like a members facebook group would be a better choice for discussion?

Issue #2 is out!

Hi everybody you can get Issue #2 of Sci Phi Journal now from Amazon, Castalia House and Smashwords. It is up for Pre-Order and due out on the 1st. We have stories and articles from Tom Simon, Ben Zwycky, Lou Antonelli, Steve Sagarra, John C. Wright, David Hallquist, Patrick S. Baker, Peter Sean Bradley DavidContinue Reading

Forums, Spam and Issue #2

So it seems forums, even new slightly trafficed ones, attract spammers like, well, anywhere on the internet. I’ve added some spam protection options to hopefully make it harder. Also, Issue #2 is nearly ready to go, expect it out in the next couple of days. The bulk of the layout work is done.

Forums work!

So I fixed the forums. Or at least I chucked the ones that didn’t work and replaced them with simple machine forums. I will add posts for the different stories. Partially done at this point. You will need to register a username.