Forums work!

So I fixed the forums. Or at least I chucked the ones that didn’t work and replaced them with simple machine forums.

I will add posts for the different stories. Partially done at this point. You will need to register a username.

Atopia Chronicles by Matthew Mather

I’m currently reading Atopia Chronicles by Matt Mather and i’d recommend it to anybody that likes Sci Phi. It is a collection of different stories that are all tied together that take place in a world of unlimited virtual realms and a cyber paradise called Atopia. The kids that grow up there enmeshed into thisContinue Reading

More News, Issue #2, Thank you and Forums!

Thanks everybody for the support. Issue #1 is still selling, if you can review it or know someone that could do a review please contact Still shy of the break even amount but moving in the right direction. Issue #2 is coming along, payments are starting to go out, and the issue will beContinue Reading

Forums will be here soon

So the forum plugin BBPress is installed (it came recommended) and I plan to set up threads for the different stories and articles. Anybody got ideas what they would like to see. Expect them tomorrow.