Forums will be here soon

So the forum plugin BBPress is installed (it came recommended) and I plan to set up threads for the different stories and articles. Anybody got ideas what they would like to see. Expect them tomorrow.

How to write Sci Phi!

It seems soon to be Sci Phi contributor Ben Zwycky has some god advice on how to write long Sci Phi oriented stories. Look forward to Ben putting his talent into action in the upcoming Sci Phi journal Serial, Beyond the Mist.

Who wants to write a Superversive Story?

The author L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright, wife of Sci Phi Contributor (hey I think that is a pretty important thing!) John C. Wright has an interesting new essay out called Holy Godzilla of the Apocalypse: or How to Identify a Superversive Story. Go read the whole thing, but the three most improtant aspects of aContinue Reading